ZEEDENTISTRY is a FREE dental website to ask questions and get answers. You can learn how to become a dentist, you can learn about oral health, and most importantly, you can get a second opinion from a Canadian trained dentist: Dr. Zee

DISCLAIMER: I am not advising you over your dentist. Your dentist has met you, diagnosed your problems, and will be the one to treat you. By asking a question, you agree that we are not to be held liable for your dental conditions or the actions you chose. If you do not agree, do not ask a question.


So you’re confused about what your dentist told you. Maybe unsure of the treatment recommended to you. You’re not alone. I can help. As a dentist trained in Canada, I can give you advice on your teeth. Think of me as a second opinion. But understand that I will not tell you that your current dentist is right or wrong, However, I will tell you what I think you need as if you were my patient sitting in my dental chair.  If you have x-rays or photos of your teeth, send them to info@zeedentistry.com or reply below and we can discuss your options.

2 thoughts on “What is ZEEDENTISTRY?

  1. have itchy pain in gums after root canal re-treat and lance procedures. the abscess area seems better but upper and lower gums are so irritable I want to floss the gums til they bleed (although I don’t). the endodontist that handled the procedures says this is not normal and I should seek advise elsewhere.

  2. I went to have my teeth pulled for dentures and just before they put me under they present a form for me to sign if I wanted them to “scrape or smooth…” the bone. I asked why and they replied that it would get all the pieces and make it smooth. Plus, it would be an extra $565.00. I told them no due to the fact they never said anything prier and I was already spending well over $1500. just to pull them. Is it a common practice to charge extra for cleaning the pieces?

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